Leaving Singapore, a taxing surprise

Since we received our Australian Visa’s and my husbands start date for his new position down under last month, the wheels are in motion and we’re almost going into auto pilot. Most evenings will now be spent catching up on any news each of us have had on the move, doing research into items on our ever evolving to do list. I have dusted off my ‘Move to Singapore’ notebook and am running through the generic moving country items to add ready for when we need them. Mainly the general list of who to advise of our new address, or, in our case, who to advise that we will be of no fixed address for 8 weeks.

One of the things that truly surprised me was when my husband and I were having a catch up the other night and he informed me that he won’t be getting paid at the end of August. Of course I assumed I had misheard him, although we won’t need to pay rent out of that pay packet and our lease car will have been returned earlier in the month, so only the minor bills like TV, internet etc will need to be paid. It turns out that when you are leaving the country, you must give the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore one months notice of your leave. In that period, they assess our tax situation and whether we owe them any money, until this is complete we can’t leave the country. Having never had this when leaving a country before, it really surprised me. We either get whats left after the tax bill has been deducted, or a bill for any additional monies owed. It seems a very skeptical way to do things but slightly more organised than the Swiss who are yet to pay our overpaid tax from 2012! I guess thats the difference when you are being taxed at source!


Mrs D xoxo





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