I’ve been blogging on Sip Chomp Chew for about 18 months now and decided I wanted something a little bit more out of it than just food.

I’m a stay at home wife/supporting spouse/trailing spouse or we can just use the original housewife. My preferred title being supporting spouse. I gave up my career in 2011 when I was still in my early twenties as my then boyfriends employer decided to move pretty much their entire London staff to Geneva, Switzerland. It worked out more sensible for us if I handed in my notice and we moved away than if my boyfriend did, so within a matter of months we were living in Switzerland. After two years, one pug puppy, one marriage proposal and without a doubt that was where we would be staying for the unforeseeable future, we had started to settle but along came that same employer with an opportunity to move to Singapore. To cut what is starting to become a long story short, one year and one month after relocating I am sat here, adding items to my ‘move to Australia’ list on Evernote. Life really is so unpredictable!


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The tales of an expat housewife

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