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Feeling Orientated

Apologies for the Radio Silence. The last few weeks have been busy with the in laws visiting and then last week we were in Brisbane for our orientation trip. Having returned, we are feeling very excited about moving to our new host city. We’ve done a lot of research in the last few months so it came as somewhat of a surprise that Brisbane is made up of eleven hills. Yes. Eleven! Thankful for comfy footwear and the fantastic cafés dotted around in the Brisbane suburbs, free city hopper ferry service and the reasonably priced city cat to zip us around the serpentinesque Brisbane river. With this being our third international move in yet another new continent, we have found that initially living fairly central is key for us to get our bearings and, should we ever stay long enough somewhere to feel fully settled then we should by then have a favourable area to make our home.

I’m not a city girl, I mean, I can handle the city and I absolutely love spending time amongst the buzz one provides but my heart belongs in the quiet leafy suburbs of which Brisbane has many. Quite a contrast to the densely populated island state of Singapore. It’s amazing how much I could imagine my bestie and I settling into this town which is literally the opposite side of the world from our home.

Like most cities, Brisbane has it’s own sights and smells. From the Eucalyptus trees wafting their scent in the breeze to the warming aroma of coffee beans, freshly roasting in the local cafés. Our senses were wide awake, assessing every experience.

I will certainly have some more pictures for you after we arrive at the end of next month, but for now, here are a few shots I took last week.

Mrs D xoxo

View of the CBD from the Brisbane Wheel


Some old wool stores in the riverside suburb of Teneriffe20140722-103250-37970252.jpg

The Treasury Casino


View of the South Bank from the Brisbane Wheel


The South Bank from Victoria Bridge