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Invisible Books Ends

I’ve just finished typing up a post on my Nutty Granola Recipe over on Sip Chomp Chew and I must say I have really missed this blogging!

Having spent the majority of our first couple of weeks in Brisbane getting buses back and forward due to our temporary accommodation being the complete opposite side of town to where we want to live. And then the actual move and sorting things out. It’s so nice to finally be in our own house. Our first house actually. After 9 and a half years living together, we finally have a house and I don’t think anyone is enjoying having a garden more than Bryan!

I was looking at ways to brighten up our stairway and when I decided to use my many books to do it, I was struggling with them falling down constantly. When I googled invisible book ends, I was actually expecting to have to order and then wait weeks for them but I found this video that shows you how to make them with three things absolutely everyone has in their home, scissors, sellotape and a single sheet of A4 paper – fab and thrifty I just had to share!

Mrs D xoxo





Beating the chain fairies

I’m currently sat on the only free space on my bed, which is covered in suitcases that contain our essentials for the next 5-6 weeks whilst the remainder of our worldly possessions take their first trip south of the equator for our next big move. I’m becoming a dab hand at this moving malarky now. The first couple of times,  I would have been frantically sorting through my fridge throwing away the last drabs of food and the like which we can’t ship. I am pleased to say that this task was accomplished two days prior to the packing teams arrival today.

I want to share this quick tip with you for when you head off on your next holiday or house move. It is a huge time saver once I come to unpacking my necklaces keeping those chain fairies at bay!

Simply take a straw, I like to use the big wide ones you can get for a few bucks in Ikea, measure it against the length of the chain and cut to size before threading the necklace through the straw and closing the catch. I then gently wrap it in a piece of kitchen paper, making sure it’s completely covered, before placing into a sandwich bag to keep it all together.