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Some of you are probably thinking I have dropped off the face of the earth! My posts have been few and far between these last few months and I did promise you I had a good reason.

From September to early November, I couldn’t even push myself to login to WordPress to read some of the fantastic blogs I follow. With the majority being food related, all the delicious sounding recipes and gorgeous pictures of food were a nausea inducing disaster zone to be avoided at all costs! Meals for me consisted mainly of sandwiches or cheese on toast, with dangerous consequences on the horizon if I had ever found we were low on bananas. The only things I really wanted to eat were those that my mum made for me during my childhood. It’s not so easy to pop round for tea when you are over 10,000 miles apart.

Three days after our arrival in Brisbane, Australia, my Husband and I were thrilled to find out that we were expecting our first baby! Having got married over the Easter weekend earlier this year and edging on ten years together I don’t think it was much of a surprise for our close friends and family who we were super excited to share the news with.

I’ve also been keeping myself busy volunteering with the RSPCA at the sorting centre for their Brisbane Op Shops – that’s charity shops to us non Aussies! It’s great to be doing something to help out and I have met some really friendly locals there too.

I’ll have some posts coming up for some cute DIY decorations I have been making for the nursery as well as some free printables I’ve been busy creating to frame and place up in our new home.

Until then, I hope you are all enjoying the festive season! It’s certainly strange experiencing a Queensland December!

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Our Camper Van Road Trip

A few years ago, my parents turned our family home into a self catering holiday let. It’s such a pleasure to spend time there and probably my favourite place on earth but that means I hardly get to go visit, not just because I live the other side of the world, but because it is always fully booked whenever I go home! It can be found in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire on the edge of Ellis Reddings Wood, a place where as kids, my brother and I would climb trees and build dens. A world away from our lives in Singapore and Ecuador.

The beautiful river wye

Given its location, there’s no surprise that when I asked my parents if it was available for us to stay at recently, they delivered the news  that it had back to back bookings all summer. We weren’t going to let that stop us from visiting this beautiful corner of England. Earlier this year, Mum and Dad purchased a VW camper van so we packed it up and off we went!


We stopped off via the Rebellion Brewery in Marlow to get some supplies for our trip and some early morning beer sampling (just a sip for Dad, our designated driver!). Our next stop and one of my favourite farm markets at Gloucester’s Over Farm where we fed some of their animals and bought a few more supplies for our BBQ later on that day.


Our final destination was Symonds Yat West, we used to walk along to here from our home when I was a kid and I have so many memories of this place it was great to come back and make some new ones. Just across the river and along slightly are the seven sisters I spoke of a couple of posts ago. We only had time to stay one night so lunchtime the next day, off we went, first stopping at Much Marcle’s famous Westons Cider Mill, we then had a short stop and wander around Burford, a very pretty although slightly overrun with tourists, town in the Cotswolds.

The main high street in Burford

It was a lot of fun going away in my parents van and we hope to do it again some day in the not so distant future! I hope you enjoy the photos.

Mrs D xoxo

One of over farms pigs
Cooking some chicken from the butcher at Over Farm on Dad’s Cobb BBQ
Ostriches eating grain at Over Farm