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Bryan the Pug

Over the last few months, I’ve talked a little about myself, it’s time I introduced you to my best bud. Meet Bryan.


Bryan came into my life long before he was even conceived. My husband and I had always wanted a dog but with our working hours in London it wouldn’t have been fair. Once we had moved to Switzerland and I was no longer working, we decided it was time to think about adding to our family, in the canine way.

Without really speaking to my husband about it as I knew he wouldn’t detest, I had ‘ordered’ a dog from a breeder halfway across the country from us. Deciding the perfect breed to fit in with our lifestyle was a Pug, Bryan was due to be born mid November

I got the email along with photos on November 19th. Bryans maternal mother had given birth and we were to go and visit him 4 weeks later. Being the week before xmas, we decided to make a festive weekend getaway to Interlaken which is about an hour from the breeders house. It was this weekend we first met our Bry Baby.

One of Bryan’s siblings at 1 day old
Our boy waving hello! The pup with the yellow collar

4 weeks later we arrived again, this time to bring our baby home. He was so much bigger than his brother and sisters, and we couldn’t wait to start our new life with him.

Trying to look all innocent whilst chewing his transport bag on the way home form the breeder
Trying to look all innocent whilst chewing his transport bag on the way home form the breeder

Shortly after he  came home, and with a couple of vet visits under his collar, it was discovered Bryan had an umbilical hernia. It can be quite risky to put a Pug under anesthetic so we waited until he was old enough, and at 7 months, we took him in to have this corrected so it wouldn’t cause difficulties later in life. Being a healthy Pug, Bryan had recovered quickly and had only been without his elizabethan collar for a couple of weeks when, early in August 2012, he was attacked by another dog in the park. His injuries ended in Bryan needing a graft on his cornea, laser treatment to damaged nerve endings along with much medication and an elizabethan collar for another few weeks.

He couldn’t quite reach to lick that yogurt off his face!

He’s very much a hero in my eyes, every morning he wakes up happy….shame it hasn’t rubbed off! Earlier this summer he had terrible skin problems and eventually after almost two months of back and forth visits to the vet, we found he had MRSA. His symptoms cleared up quickly and he was free of the infection but within two weeks of being off his medicine, he started suffering from uncomfortable skin problems yet again. Further antibiotics cleared this up nicely.


Then one monday evening late in August, he flew down to Sydney Australia, to start his 10 day quarantine. You can tell he was a favourite by the way the staff were talking about him and he arrived safe, well, and, more importantly, happy.

My good boy with his pals, the only one sitting patiently when the treats come out!

I couldn’t wait to  see him once he landed in Brisbane and I didn’t need to wait long as he was with me in less than an hour after landing. You would never have known he had been on such a long journey, he was so happy – his usual self!

Now settling down with us in Australia, Bryan has added his sixth country to his passport – I’m not sure many other dogs could boast this!

Licks and Sneezes

Bryan and Mrs D xoxo

Bryan at around 6 weeks old
Bryan at around 6 weeks old