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The Lion City Bucket List: The HSBC Treetop Trail

A visit from my in laws a few weeks ago gave us the opportunity to knock some more things off our bucket list and show them a side of Singapore they were yet to see. The HSBC Treetop Trail at the MacRitchie Reservoir Park has been on my to do list for a long time and we were looking for a nice walk to take them on so it seemed like a perfect option!
I quickly googled to find the nearest car park and we headed to Venus Drive, just to the west of Bishan Park. What I didn’t read was that this car park was 2.5km from the start of the treetop trail but luckily we had comfy shoes and plenty of water to keep us going!

As you start along the path located at the far end of the car park, there is plenty of flora and fauna to be seen. We followed along the side of a stream  for a short time before reaching a spot where we spotted a young family of long tailed macaques which inhabit much of Singapore’s rainforest areas. When we glanced into the distance, we noticed there were many more running around the forest floor and in the trees. I managed to get a shot of the family together but I was being careful not to disturb them in their natural habitat. Taking care to avoid any snakes as per the signs(!) we continued on our way up a short road which lead us to the Bukit Kalang Service Reservoir, spotting a couple of lizards sunning themselves on the tarmac, before joining the track again.



Upon reaching the Ranger Station, we found public toilets and ice cold fountain water to top up our bottles with. It wasn’t much further before we started the treetop trail.





The trail is one way traffic so make sure you access it from this side! When you look over to the right, you get a fantastic view of the MacRitchie Reservoir. It’s not as long as I thought and we were soon back on solid ground. The next stage is a little challenging although easy under foot with a boardwalk style path and stairs taking you up and down the hilly section of rainforest.  We spotted a little frog under the path and kept our eyes peeled for more of those Macaques swinging in the trees up above us.


We eventually reached the end of the boardwalk and took a left which lead us around and back up to the ranger station, by now, we were in much need of liquid refreshment! The walk back always seems quicker once you know where you are heading and once we reached the car, a blast of air con was much appreciated!

After our long and sweaty walk, we thought we had earned a treat and headed over to Peperoni in Greenwood where we enjoyed one of their 21 inch pizzas with an ice cold beer! 😉

Note that if you are planning to walk in Bukit tima Nature Reserve, the path is closed from September 2014 until March 2015 with limited access from then until the end of 2016 so if you want to head over there, now is the time!


Mrs D xoxo


The Lion City Bucket List: Leaving the Lion City

In 2011 we moved to Geneva from London as expats. We were never the type of people with feet itching to live overseas. We didn’t have a hankering to travel the world and we had no idea what the next few years would have to offer. After two years in Switzerland, we had visited many places but there were always those ones that we kept saying we will get around to visiting. Between signing the new contract for Singapore and actually leaving Switzerland we had just 6 weeks and with half of that time spent travelling back to Blighty for wedding dress shopping and other family commitments, we just had to leave behind those unexplored sights.

Moving to Singapore we didn’t want this to happen again and made extra effort to see as much as possible but having spent just 13 months here and with only 7 weeks between our up coming move to Brisbane being confirmed and my Husbands start date there, it’s inevitable that some places will go unvisited. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting about the places we get the chance to knock off our list. I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures!


Mrs D xoxo

View from the north bank of Thunersee, Switzerland
Bryan enjoying Tanjong Beach, Sentosa
Singapore’s CBD from Orchard Central’s roof
Grand Saint Bernard, Switzerland
Bryan on top of Le Saleve
The view from the end of our old street in Eaux Vives, Geneva

We’re off to see the wizard!

Ok, we’re not off to see the wizard at all but we had news last week that our Australian visa’s have been approved and in less than two months time, we will be British expats in Brisbane!

This has been my life now for a few years. We move somewhere, we settle, make friends get into a routine and before we know it along come the company by bestie (hubby!) works for and they decide he is needed elsewhere, normally another continent. We aren’t as experienced as some expats, so far, our international addresses have been Geneva and Singapore but I’m only just in my late twenties so who knows what can happen. I’m just lucky it’s with my bestie!

I hope you follow to keep updated on my future posts. Not only will I be writing about how our move progresses, but I have some other topics in the pipeline including my Singapore bucket list and some easy, how to’s on how I have been making my own Thank You notes for our wedding guests.

For now, from my poolside sunbed in Phuket (I am one lucky lady!) I bid you adieu!!